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Do Your Teeth Hurt? Dr. Patty Dental | Fort Lauderdale, FL

Do Your Teeth Hurt? Our Dental Boutique & Spa has the Solution!

Tooth Pain Caused by CavitiesMore than 90% of the population in the United States is suffering from cavities and tooth decay. It is truly no wonder why so many people ask themselves “Why do my teeth hurt?” on a daily basis. We see emergencies every single day that could have been avoided by getting teeth filled, crowns placed, or root canals. There are a variety of reasons why teeth can hurt but the most common reasons include:
• Tooth infections, such as cavities
• Large cavities that have led to infections in the root or an abscess
• Teeth that are cracked
• Weak tooth enamel
At our dental boutique and spa in South Florida, we can help you find the cause of your tooth pain so that you can get back to your life.

Tooth Pain Caused by Cavities

If your teeth are experiencing pain due to cavities, we know exactly what you are going through. One day, we had a client that said “I have a cavity!” and felt sharp pain when eating something sweet. She wanted to avoid a dental visit because of her anxiety, so she simply quit eating sweets! However, this client needed to be realistic and knew she couldn’t avoid eating sugar for the rest of her life! She eventually realized that she needed to contact our office, and we were able to discuss our sedation dentistry options. Soon after, she was able to get the cavity taken care of, along with treatment of her anxiety with nitrous gas. She was once again able to enjoy ice cream, cake, and other sugary sweets!

Large Cavities That Have Led to Infections in the Root or an Abscess

Cavities that are never filled will absolutely lead to an infection in the root of the tooth that will cause an entirely broken tooth, which requires an extraction and implant, or it can cause an abscess that causes a bump on the gums that may drain pus. Neither of these is fun and can be avoided by getting a crown if your cavity has gotten larger. If you begin to have sensitivity to hot temperatures this could mean you need a root canal and a crown.

Cracked Tooth and Consistent Pain

Cracked teeth can lead to severe pain that doesn’t go away. Cracked tooth pain usually hurts most when chewing. Not all cracks will be visible to the human eye, some can be as small as a hairline fracture. You may have a cracked tooth if you experience the following:
• Sharp pain when you chew or bite down
• You can only chew on one side of your mouth
• Can’t eat certain foods
• Tooth is sensitive to cold or hot beverages and foods
Cracked Tooth and Consistent PainCracks in teeth can be caused by bad fillings, eating something hard, or grinding your teeth. One of our clients had a poorly executed filling that was way too large and should have been treated with a crown. When she was eating a salad her tooth suddenly started to hurt. (It’s usually something soft that clients believe cracked their tooth!) The pain that she experienced led her to calling our cosmetic dentists who were able to find out that it was actually a small fracture. We were able to cut the old filling out, along with the fractured area, and place a crown over her tooth which eliminated the pain she was experiencing and allowed her to have a stunning smile once again. In some cases, the crack may be too large or down to the bone level which won’t allow for a crown, which means the tooth may need to be removed – especially if it is showing signs of decay. However, we will never leave you without a tooth! We have many options available to replace a missing tooth which we can explain in detail during your complimentary consultation, including permanent solutions like implants and bridges.

Pain from Weakened Enamel

Finally, your teeth may hurt consistently because your tooth enamel is weakened. If this is your case, know that you are not alone. Many people suffer from weak tooth enamel and don’t even realize it. If you have noticed that you are sensitive to both cold and hot foods, you may have weak enamel. You will experience the pain because these foods and beverage are able to penetrate your enamel and reach your dentin layer. This layer contains nerves and is extremely sensitive. The enamel of your teeth is made of-
• Phosphate ions
• Calcium
• Hydroxide
If you eat too many sugars and processed foods, the sugars will turn into an acid which will begin to demineralize your enamel. During demineralization, the acid pulls calcium and phosphate minerals from your teeth which weakens your enamel. You can keep your enamel strong by-
• Cutting back on sugary foods
• Rinsing your mouth out with an alcohol-free fluoride rinse after eating
• Chewing on sugar free gum
You can learn more about remineralization, demineralization and the battle to keep your teeth healthy by clicking here.

Visit our Dental Boutique & Spa for a Pain-Free SmileVisit our Dental Boutique & Spa for a Pain-Free Smile

If your teeth are chipped, cracked, or broken it may be time to consider getting a crown before the pain becomes unbearable. You can strengthen your enamel by changing your diet but nothing will take the place of regular teeth cleanings from our cosmetic dentists. We can sit down and discuss the best options to help you eliminate pain and improve the health of your mouth while giving you an attractive smile.