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Fuller Cheeks Improve Feminine Beauty | Fort Lauderdale, FL

Fuller Cheeks Improve Feminine Beauty

Cheeks are EVERYTHING! Your face may look less attractive or even less feminine than you desire if your facial features aren’t plump, proportionate and symmetrical. While these “imperfections” may make some feel unique, it can make others feel extremely bothered. If this is the case with you, you may want to explore rejuvenating your facial features using facial fillers. By making just a few changes, you can transform the dynamics of your face by lifting it back up.

If your cheeks lack definition and appear flat, they can cause your entire face to look masculine. By adding volume to your cheeks with our fillers, it can give them more feminine definition which will provide you with the more feminine appearance that you desire.

Cheek Facial Fillers in South FloridaUltimately, your cheeks balance your face because they provide definition between your-
• Eyes
• Cheeks
• Lower face
With perfectly rounded feminine cheeks, you will prevent flat-looking features overall. In addition to that, your cheeks will draw away any unwanted attention from your nose which is a definite PLUS if you don’t LOVE your nose. If you have a perfect nose, then these will go well together! Your cheeks can give fullness and a lifted effect to the lower part of your face. At our dental boutique and spa in Fort Lauderdale, we can help you have the perfect cheeks that models would be jealous of. Not too big, but customized to be perfect for your face.

Flat Cheeks Prevent Facial Balance

By contouring your cheeks, you will have more facial symmetry as facial fillers add fullness and width while providing a natural appearance. Also, by taking advantage of our facial fillers, you will be able to improve the overall balance of your facial features and make your face appear more youthful. Natural-looking plumpness to your cheeks can change your life for the better which can be achieved by adding volume to certain areas on your cheeks such as the upper area around your cheek bone.

The trick with perfecting your cheeks and avoiding cheeks that look too big is to make sure that your existing volume is balanced with the volume that will be added. Our skilled doctors can make sure that your cheeks look fantastic and that your face is youthful and radiant.

Cheek Augmentation Can Conquer Aging

Fuller Cheeks in Fort LauderdalePreviously it was thought that men and women had to hit a certain age before undergoing alterations of the face. However, times have changed and many women think about fillers and BOTOX® starting as young as their 30s. The new trend is to prevent aging by having facial procedures done at an earlier age. You can click here to read more about how facial fillers added to your cheeks can help you have a younger appearance.

First, by adding volume to your cheeks, they are less likely to become hollow which results in dark bags under your eyes. This also means that folds and wrinkles are more apparent under your eyes also. By augmenting your cheeks, you can delay aging since you will have enhanced support. Cheeks are prone to deflation so it is a critical area to treat in an effort to preserve your youthful glow. Facial fillers can improve cheeks that are flat or ones that have already began to hollow. When volume is added to the cheeks with fillers, it will fill in folds and hollow areas while preventing gravity from pulling on the muscles that cause your cheeks to deflate while giving the fullness that you crave.

Fuller Cheeks and a Fool-proof Solution

Some styles and fads come and go but having full cheeks is a facial trait that will always be desired. Full cheeks are viewed as a sign of both beauty and youth. While some people are lucky and are born with high cheekbones that display a sculpted look, you may not be one of them. If this is the case, you may be wondering how you can achieve this sculpted look. There are a variety of ways that you can add fullness to your cheeks including both surgical and non-surgical options. The best option for you will be based on-

• The result you are looking for
• Your concerns

• How your cheeks have aged
• The appearance of your current cheeks
One of the best ways to provide definition or restore lost volume to your cheeks is to have fillers injected along your cheekbones. There are various injectables available and each will offer different effects. Each injectable will last a different amount of time. Using fillers in your cheeks is both effective and safe. Some of the fillers that we may suggest can include:
• Restylane
• Juvederm
• Radiesse
• Scultpra
We will be able to help you choose the filler that is best for your situation. At Dr. Patty’s Dental Boutique & Spa, we can help you find your youthful, sexy appearance that has been missing! Give us a call today for a complimentary consultation.