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Sinus Lift | Fort Lauderdale, FL | Dr. Patty Dental Boutique

Sinus Lift

how does a sinus lift improve your chances of getting dental implants?

If you’re interested in getting dental implants, you need to make sure the bones in your mouth are able to handle it. Due to implants being drilled into bone, it must be determined whether you’re a fit candidate. One obstacle that might get in your way is the lack of bone in the back of your molars. Fortunately, there is a procedure to specifically correct this.

What is a sinus lift?

A sinus lift is a surgical procedure that involves opening up your gum tissue, lifting up your sinus membrane, and inserting extra bone where its needed. If you don’t have enough bone in your upper jaw or if your sinus membrane is too close to your jaw, then a sinus lift is what you need to ensure you can get implant dentures.

Prep Work

If you know you want a sinus lift, then among the first things you must do with your dentist is get x-rays. Following an analysis of your jaw and sinus, your dentist will know your situation to properly move forward with the procedure. The health and measurements of your jaw bone and sinus membrane must be made before proceeding, as the reasons for needing extra bone in your back molars may vary.

The bone to be used in the procedure could come from either your own body, a cadaver, or even be synthetic. If the bone is taken from your own body, it could be from just about anywhere, including your hip and below your knee.

The Procedure

A typical sinus lift starts with an incision in the gum tissue around your upper back teeth. From here, the bone in this area is exposed, as well as cut to form a small oval. This exposes the sinus membrane, which is then lifted to be further away from your jaw. From here, bone-graft granules are placed where the membrane once was. Finally, the tissue is stitched closed; a four to twelve month healing process follows.

Recovery and Check-Ups

During the healing process, you may have swelling and bleeding in the area. It’s possible the stitching can be undone, and the bone put in place can get loose if you blow your nose or sneeze too hard. Additionally, your dentist will prescribe to you different types of medication, such as antibiotics, to keep inflammation and pain down.

Seven to ten days after the initial operation, a specialist will see you. They will assess your progress and remove your stitches if they have not already dissolved. From here, it’s a matter of checking in and making sure the healing goes smoothly. After several months, once you’ve fully healed, you’re ready for implant dentures.

If you want implant dentures, and need a sinus lift, then be sure to visit Dr. Patty’s Dental Boutique and Spa. Located in Ft. Lauderdale, we offer a calm and soothing atmosphere, a variety of services, and a professional staff, ensuring you a one of a kind experience. Call us at 954-914-7407 to schedule your free consultation today.