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When is the Best Time to Whiten Your Teeth? Fort Lauderdale, FL

When is the Best Time to Whiten Your Teeth?

Teeth Should ABSOLUTELY be Whitened Before a Big Event! There isn’t anyone in the world that doesn’t want a whiter, brighter smile. Teeth that are white show that you invest in your oral hygiene and naturally exudes-
• Confidence
• Youth
• Health
• Wealth
While you can schedule a teeth whitening treatment at anytime, there are certain times in your life that this treatment will be even more important to undergo. Let’s chat about this!

Whitening Teeth Following Removal of Braces is ABSOLUTELY necessary

The most popular reason to schedule a teeth whitening session is following the removal of braces. Unlike invisible braces, metal braces cannot be removed from your mouth while brushing, so odd staining may be left behind after removal. However, teeth whitening procedures are still very common after the use of invisible braces as well since your teeth are finally straightened and the gel can be evenly applied to all of your teeth. You will be able to whiten the complete surface of your front teeth! This treatment is a great reward for sticking through your braces, even when it wasn’t the easiest! You will be thrilled with your new straight, white teeth every time you look in the mirror! If you straighten your teeth and leave them yellow, to the average eye there will be no change in your smile. Everyone will notice your perfectly straight smile once you get it whitened.

Teeth Should ABSOLUTELY be Whitened Before a Big Event!

Another popular time to whiten teeth is before an event such as a wedding, especially your own wedding. On your wedding day, you are the star of the show and want to feel attractive and confident on your big day. Other big events can include:
• Getting veneers
• Entering a graduate program or job interviews
• Exciting reunions
• First dates
• After a Break-Up or Divorce
• Major Birthdays
• Graduation from anything after age 15
• Quinceanera
• Vacations
You will want to make sure that you schedule your appointment for about one to two weeks before your event. Sometimes treatment can cause-
• Slight Sensitivity
• Gum irritation
These will interfere with your big day, so let our dental boutique & spa in Fort Lauderdale help you prepare your smile in advance.

Teeth Whitening is a Reward after Your Lifestyle or Diet Change!

Making a lifestyle or diet change is hardly simple. These changes can include:
• Nixing the nicotine
• Eliminating coffee or dark soda
These guilty pleasures darken and stain your teeth to an unattractive yellow hue. Once you make these changes, our teeth whitening procedure will show you what an improvement you have made on your life! By eliminating these stains with our treatment, you will be able to-
• Improve your smile
• Prepare your teeth for a bright future
Stick to your changes and resolutions without looking back. Be proud of your changes and yourself! To learn more about the effects of smoking on your dental health, click here.

Choose our Dental Boutique & Spa for Your Teeth Whitening Needs

The following can affect the whiteness of your teeth-
• Growing older
• Bad Genetics
• Drinking dark beverages
• Smoking
• Medication
• Dark foods
• Fluorosis
• Well Water
• Poor oral hygiene
If you want a white, bright smile we can help. Contact our team at Dr. Patty’s Dental Boutique & Spa to schedule a complimentary consultation regarding your teeth whitening procedure such as our popular Permanent KoR whitening treatment. You have to understand that not all teeth whitening procedures are permanent. You get what you pay for! We offer both in-office treatments along with whitening options that you can do at home. These options both effectively remove stains from your teeth. You can learn more about our services by filling out our appointment request form online or by giving us a call today! We look forward to hearing from you and having the opportunity to make your smile brighter and more attractive!