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Teeth Whitening | Fort Lauderdale, FL | Dr. Patty Dental

Teeth Whitening

What are your choices when it comes to teeth whitening?

How often have you looked at your smile in the mirror and thought “My teeth aren’t as white as they could be?” There’s a strong chance you’ve looked at your teeth and knew they could probably be whiter. It could be years of drinking coffee, regular tobacco use, or just mismanagement of your oral hygiene.

The yellowing of teeth is something that happens to everyone, and the level of damage varies from person to person. Due to teeth not being fully flat surfaces, this sort of thing is just naturally occurring. Teeth have ridges and pits that make it very easy for all sorts of things to get stuck in them, which create the yellowing hue. Special toothpaste and generally taking care of your teeth can help ensure your teeth stay mostly white.

However, sometimes that’s not enough. Sometimes what you need is an actual procedure to make your teeth go from a yellow hue to a bright white. And there exist different treatments for whitening teeth, some of which involve take-home kits.


One of the most popular is GLO, which can be done in-house and at home. Whether you choose in-house, at home, or both, GLO is an sensitive-free, easy to use device that takes only a few steps. Just apply the included gel and put the tray in your mouth, then activate GLO. Do this four times, eight minutes at a time, and you’re done for the day. If you decide on the in-house treatment, be sure to also get the take-home kit, which will let you maintain and whiten your teeth regularly.


For those who are more serious about their whitening, then you might be interested in KÖR. Developed by Dr. Rod Kurthy, KÖR is the most advanced whitening system around, able to keep your teeth permanently white with no sensitivity.

What makes this treatment so special is the way it brings back oxygen to your teeth via its whitening gel. Through this, your teeth are able to rid themselves of stains by allowing bleaching into the particles that make up these stains, rendering them colorless and small. While KÖR can indeed keep your teeth looking bright, a take-home kit is still recommended if you want to make sure your teeth stay as white as can be.


One other thing to understand is that all whitening treatments require you to keep up maintenance at home. So while both GLO and KÖR get be done in-house at a dental office, they both reap the benefits by continuing the treatment on your own time. This doesn’t mean your teeth will immediately become yellow again. But in order to keep them as white as can be, you have to use the take-home kits as directed. Otherwise, your teeth will return to a more “natural” hue.

If you’d like to make your teeth shine, then visit Dr. Patty’s Dental Boutique and Spa. Our Ft. Lauderdale office features a relaxing atmosphere and professional staff, along with complimentary drinks to make sure your time with us is comfortable as possible. Call us at 954-914-7407 and schedule your free consultation today.