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Coffee and Teeth | Fort Lauderdale, FL | Dr. Patty Dental

Coffee and Teeth

How does drinking coffee affect your teeth?

There’s no denying the worldwide power and love of coffee. At least half of everyone you know drinks it, and in the USA, it’s more than anywhere else in the world. Regardless of geographical location, coffee is something that many can’t live without.

If you think drinking too much coffee might be bad for you, you’d be right. One of the most obvious defects to too much coffee–aside from coffee breath–is teeth staining.

Polyphenol Staining

The beans that make up coffee contain polyphenol, a substance naturally found in plant based foods. Tannins is a type of polyphenol, and it can cause teeth to get stained due to its association with color. Due to coffee’s dark color, tannins is able to break down in water and allow particles to stick to the surfaces of your teeth. This then results in said particles getting stuck to the ridges and pits of the tooth’s surface, leaving a noticeable hue.

Additionally, adding cream and sugar does not remedy the situation, and instead strengthens the bacteria in your mouth. Like soda, drinking coffee allows for acids to mix with what’s in your mouth, and that’s never good. The more bacteria and acid you allow in your mouth, the more damage your tooth enamel will face.


If you enjoy your coffee, then being told to stop likely won’t work for you. As it is, there are ways to ensure that your teeth don’t stain, even if you drink coffee daily. One of the most simple and effective ways is to drink your coffee from a straw. Most people drink coffee hot, so a straw might appear odd in this case, but less so when iced. The idea is to keep the drink away from the teeth, so a straw would allow the fluid to go straight to the tongue and down the throat.

Another important thing you can do is not drink coffee throughout the day. Having times when you drink coffee and having it in one sitting is one of the best ways to decrease the chance of staining teeth.

Brushing your teeth after drinking is also an option, though not very practical. On top of needing to wait some time before brushing, brushing immediately after eating or drinking is bad for your teeth. You can, however, rinse your mouth with water, as well as consume foods like fruits and veggies, all of which help break down bacteria.

The other best thing you can do is visit your dentist, like Dr. Patty’s Dental Boutique and Spa. Our Ft. Lauderdale location has all the best tools and professionals to make sure your teeth stay healthy and clean. Call 954-914-7407 to schedule your free consultation today.