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Gum Recession And The Best Way To Treat It | Dr. Patty Dental

Gum Recession And The Best Way To Treat It

Understanding Gum Recession

Have you ever looked at your teeth and noticed how exposed they look? Maybe the top part a tooth looks higher than the others, as if it were longer. You might feel serious sensitivity on these teeth, or through your gum line. It may not be very noticeable to you at first, but it is possible you have gum recession (also known as gingival recession). This means that the gums have receded from their regular position, which results in more of your teeth being exposed from the root.

There exist a variety of problems associated with gum recession. The more obvious issue is cosmetic; over-exposed tooth roots have a bad appearance, especially if you want to maintain a symmetrical and cohesive looking smile. Not only does the root of the tooth stand out on the rest of the tooth, but the gums look too raised up, especially when compared to the overall gum line. This all means that recessed gums are, if nothing else, a bad look.

However, the issues with recession go deeper than just appearance. You might already know that tooth root exposure isn’t a good thing, as it can result in your tooth becoming badly damaged by bacteria and plaque. This is a major reason for wanting to correct gum recession, as it just becomes a new way for your teeth to be under attack. If your teeth are too exposed, your mouth can be in serious trouble without you even realizing it. Additionally, you’re likely to feel more sensitivity in not just specific teeth, but in your mouth, especially if multiple teeth are over-exposed.


Previously, the main way of correcting gum recession was to borrow soft tissue from somewhere in your body (such as the roof of your mouth), or from a donor. Then, the upper area of your gums would be surgically opened and exposed; the extracted soft tissue would then be placed within the exposed gums, then closed back up. You would then have sutures to hold it all in place as it healed.

It essentially boils down to adding more skin to the recessed gum area so that it falls back into place. However, this procedure not only involves removing, opening, and closing back up your skin, it also results in a longer recovery period. It’s a variety of steps for something that can now be taken care of in a much more effective manner.

The Chao Pinhole® Technique

The Chao Pinhole® procedure was invented by Dr. John Chao, and it revolutionizes the way recessed gums can be corrected. Eliminating any unnecessary cuts or sutures, the procedure utilizes specialized tools to easily bring your gum line back to where it’s supposed to be.

Instead of taking any extra tissue or performing any extra cuts to the skin, the only sort of skin breaking this procedure does is–as the name suggests–a hole. Using a needle instrument, a hole is made in your gums that acts as an entryway for the tools that bring down the gums. A different tool is used to go inside the gums (via the hole). This tool is able to gently move throughout the area and bring the gum line back to its intended position, covering the exposed tooth roots.

Afterward, collagen strips are inserted inside of the open hole to stabilize the gums. The best part about this is that no other holes need to be made, nor anything else has to be done. From here, the hole heals naturally, and the recovery period is extremely brief.

Dr. Chao holds a certification course (and has his practice) in Southern California, where fellow doctors are able to learn directly from him over the course of a couple days. Here you can learn about the procedure and what makes it the best for correcting gum recession.

You also have extensive practice sessions, ensuring that you know all the ins and outs about the procedure. Our very own Dr. Patty has been trained by Dr. Chao, making her a perfect choice if you’re looking to get this procedure done.

Seeking Solutions

Gum recession can be a serious problem if you don’t treat it, and the earlier, the better. It may seem like a hard to solve problem, or something that simply doesn’t have a good solution, but thanks to Dr. Chao, it couldn’t be easier. The Chao Pinhole® technique will ensure that you’ll not only have your gums back to a healthy shape, but that your recovery time will be quick and with minimal discomfort. There’s never been a better time to keep your gum line beautiful and healthy.

If you’re interested in this procedure, come to Dr. Patty’s Dental Boutique in Ft. Lauderdale. Featuring a soothing atmosphere, a professional and caring staff, and a Dr. Chao trained and certified doctor in Dr. Patty, there’s no better place for taking care of your dental needs. Call us at 954-914-7407 and schedule your complimentary consultation today.