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Dental Cleanings: From Basic to Deep | Fort Lauderdale, FL

Cleanings: From Basic to Deep

If you go to the dentist on a regular basis (one to four times a year), you’re likely to have a dental cleaning at some point in the year. It’s as likely that, if you don’t visit the dentist all that much, a cleaning and check-up are the only things you ever use your local dental office for.

What’s in a dental cleaning?

As commonplace as a cleaning may be, it’s still an immensely important thing for you to have. So important in fact, that your regular dentist or assistant doesn’t even conduct the procedure. A certified hygienist is the one who takes care of your cleanings, and virtually every dental office you go to will have at least one. So if you weren’t sure how important cleanings are, just keep in mind that dental clinics need a whole other person for it.

Some people might think they do enough cleaning at home, but one’s own tooth brush can only do so much. The purpose of a cleaning is to, essentially, really dig into the parts of the mouth a regular person at home can’t do. On top of needing the right type of experience and certification to do a cleaning, there’s a specific set of tools used. From a special mirror, to scalers, and polishers, there’s a lot that goes into a cleaning.


Basic cleanings involve these mentioned instruments to make sure your healthy teeth are staying healthy. The mirror is used to check all corners of your teeth, and can also be used in conjunction with some of the other instruments, most notably the scraper. Hook-shaped, these instruments are made to really get at any and all plaque that can be tucked away between the gums and teeth.

In-between this, you’re likely to have water for rinsing and/or a suction hose for depositing all that debris from your mouth. Flavored polish is then applied, followed by flossing (done by the hygienist), all done to ensure that plaque is nowhere to be found.


Now that we’ve covered the basics of a basic cleaning, we can talk about something deeper. A deep cleaning is usually needed when there’s an actual issue with your gums, or if it’s been so long since your last cleaning and there’s noticeable plaque buildup.

A deep cleaning isn’t too different from a basic cleaning, but it does involve a few specific processes. The scaler will be used to dig deeper than usual under the gum line surface; the type of scaler used can also vary, depending on the hygienist. Plaque is then further combated with a curette, which is an even finer blade than a regular instrument used in a basic cleaning. These combined tools exist to get at only the toughest of buildup.

However, it doesn’t stop at just the cleaning itself. Since a deep cleaning can mean strong buildup, or even gum disease, medication is prescribed. Deep cleanings also have two appointments: one for the cleaning, and one for checking up afterwards. These appointments and medication are done to make sure that absolutely no infection is still in your teeth, and that they’re as healthy and clean as can be.

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