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An Attorney’s Journey in Becoming a Mom

Meet Marla Beth Neufeld, an attorney, wife and now mother.
Marla and her family have been patients at our practice since we opened. We have developed a friendship over the years, and couldn’t say enough great things about this beautiful family.

In the last year or so, Marla shared her story about infertility. With Mother’s Day approaching and the recent news of her miracle, we had no choice but to feature Marla and her family on our newsletter.

Marla was personally part of the statistic of one of every six couples of childbearing age struggling with infertility. She experienced her own infertility journey for over four years and ultimately used a gestational surrogate to build her own family.

The most beautiful part of this story is that Marla made the decision to go public about her experience and the path that she and her husband were getting ready to travel down in order to bring beautiful children into her life.

Marla has touched many women and families who have experienced these same trials and were silenced by it. As well as, giving hope and emotional comfort to others couples who are currently going through this hardship.

Just a few weeks ago, Marla’s surrogate gave birth on April 24, 2014 to twin boys, Ethan and Asher Neufeld, who were both in incubators for the first few days of their lives.

Drawing from her own personal journey, Marla is using her transactional law background and combining it with her compassion and understanding of infertility and the gestational surrogacy process.

Her firm now offers surrogacy and representation on behalf of surrogates and those interested in using a surrogate, egg and sperm donation agreements, and some adoption work.

Congratulations to the proud parents, Marla and Jason Neufeld! Ethan and Asher look just perfect and adorable. We celebrate your joy and your success story.

About Marla Neufeld
Marla received her Juris Doctorate from the University of Miami School of Law, cum laude, and immediately joined Greenspoon Marder practicing Real Estate & Land Use Law. In 2014, Marla brought a new sector of law practice to her firm, Reproductive Technology Law. Connect with Marla via email or office 954-761-2929.