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Botox in Fort Lauderdale, FL | Dr. Patty Cosmetic Dentistry

What is BOTOX® and How Does it Work?

Natural Radiance Possible with Botox TreatmentYou may have recently heard or read about BOTOX® and want to learn more to see if it is right for you. BOTOX® is made of Botulinum toxin which is a purified, natural protein that is used to temporarily relax facial muscles that cause:

  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Crow’s Feet

Additionally, BOTOX® treatments can also be used to treat some medical conditions and even can improve a gummy smile. This treatment is one of the most well-known and tested brands on the market. It is both safe and certified throughout the medical and cosmetic fields due to decades of studies.

At Dr. Patty’s Dental Boutique & Spa, we can help you tighten your skin and give you back the natural radiance that time has taken from you with our BOTOX® treatments. You can also utilize this treatment as a preventative measure to avoid getting wrinkles in the first place!

What Does the Treatment Involve? 

The process will begin with one of our professionals assessing your skin and wrinkles. Next, we will review your treatment with you and once agreed upon, your skin will be cleaned and numbed. Once this is completed, you will then receive injections with a tiny syringe.

Following your treatment, you will not have to worry about any downtime. While you may have slight swelling and bruising, this is rare and will only last about an hour after the procedure. Everyone is different and may handle the treatment in different ways but following your procedure, you can easily apply makeup so that you can go on with your day. You will not have to worry about any long-term effects of your BOTOX® treatment. In fact, immediately after your appointment, you can resume all of your normal activities and even fly! The only activity that you will have to avoid the day of treatment is a strenuous workout routine.

Other Uses for BOTOX®

Botox can be used for a variety of other treatments such as:

  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Reduction of fine lines
  • Elimination of wrinkles

BOTOX® is injected into your facial muscles and will improve the look of any moderate-to-severe frown lines that can be found between your eyebrows. You can also have this treatment around the side of your eyes to improve the look of crow’s feet. There are many benefits to receiving this treatment which you can read about here.

Who Should Avoid this Treatment? 

While the treatment is safe, there are still some people that should avoid it. These clients include those who have medical conditions such as:

  • Damaged nerves
  • Muscle complaints
  • Pregnancy
  • Women who are breastfeeding

It is important that you disclose all medical conditions along with current medications that you are taking during your complimentary consultation at Dr. Patty’s Dental Boutique & Spa.

Who Should get BOTOX®?

If you are over the age of 18, have wrinkles and fine lines that you would like to eliminate, and would like to tighten various areas of your face, then BOTOX® is a great option for you! Be sure to schedule a complimentary consultation at our boutique to get any questions answered today!

What Results Does the Treatment Aim to Provide?

When delivered by an experienced practitioner, BOTOX® treatment offers natural results while softening the lines that are caused by common facial expressions. The duration of the results can vary from person to person but tends to last, on average, three to six months.

Clients tend to visit the office with one area in particular that is bothering them. A skilled practitioner will look farther than this one specific area and be sure to treat the entire face so that your full treatment will look natural. By treating only one area, the results may look unnatural. For example, if you have friends tell you that you always look tired or grumpy but that is not the case, it’s may not be just one line on your face leaving that impression. However, there are multiple factors that cause this look, and we will be sure to discuss the best treatment option for you so that you can showcase your natural beauty instead of constantly looking tired.

Questions to ask Before BOTOX®

When you meet with the doctor during your complimentary consultation, there are key questions that you will want to ask. These include the following:

  • “What qualifications do you have to administer this treatment?”
  • “Which brands of products do you use? Why did you choose these products?”
  • “Is it a newer product? If so, has it been extensively researched and tested?”
  • “How satisfied are your patients with the results?”
  • “May I see before and after pictures of previous clients?”
  • “What are the potential side effects with this type of treatment?”
  • “What after-care will I receive?”

During your consultation at Dr. Patty’s Dental Boutique & Spa in Fort Lauderdale, you will be able to have all of your questions answered so that you will feel confident in moving forward with your treatment. To schedule your complimentary consult, contact us at 954.524.2300.