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Veneers vs Lumineers | Cosmetic Dentistry | Fort Lauderdale, FL

What Is Best For You?: Veneers VS Lumineers

Looking to enhance a discolored, cracked, or crooked smile quickly? Maybe a patient will want a permanent solution or just a shorter temporary one. For a quick aesthetic enhancement, consider veneers or lumineers in Fort Lauderdale, FL! These cosmetic dental devices can give patients’ smiles a new shine quicker. Here is how veneers and lumineers differ, and how they can enhance a patients smile!

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are a dental device that lay across healthy teeth in Fort Lauderdale, FL. They are a thin material made to look like a dazzling crown that can give patients a show-stopping smile easily. Veneers help hide worn enamel, discoloration, chips or cracks, uneven tooth alignment, and spacing issues.

Veneers are made of a durable porcelain material which can help protect against further damage to a patient’s teeth, whilst giving the cosmetic beauty of perfect white teeth. These permanent tooth replacements can help restore a patient’s teeth’s look and protect their functionality for decades!


Lumineers are similar to porcelain veneers in Fort Lauderdale, FL. They also provide an aesthetic enhancement to a patient’s teeth, making them appear whiter and healthier. The biggest difference between the two, is lumineers are situated lower on the tooth, making them easier to apply. This also makes them a non-permanent solution, meaning they can easily be removed.

These unique veneers are also able to protect against many of the same things regular veneers are. But, because they are situated lower on the tooth, there may still be a small portion of tooth exposed near the gum line. Because there is no protection layer there, that part of the tooth can be impacted like any other tooth.

Veneers vs Lumineers

This decision ultimately comes down to each patient’s personal preference. With minimal preparation required for both, both lumineers and veneers are ready to enhance patients’ smiles for years to come. These, so-called, instant orthodontics will fix any aesthetic problem with patients’ teeth quickly and easily!

The question becomes, is a patient looking for a permanent solution for their dental woes or would they like any easy-to-remove option? For some, taking the jump with veneers is the best decision because patients know this will support their smile for years. For others, having lumineers as an option to revert back to their natural teeth is best for them.

Getting An Expert Opinion

Sometimes, making this decision can be difficult because you want to understand the health risks and benefits better. Not to worry, Dr. April Patterson, known as Dr. Patty, is a cosmetic dentist with training from one of the top dental schools in the country. With state-of-the-art technology and one-on-one dental care, Dr. Patty’s office in Fort Lauderdale, FL, is one of the best in the world for transformative cosmetic dental care.

If you want a medical opinion you can feel sure about, Dr. Patty is the best option for you. Contact Dr. April Patterson at our Dr. Patty’s Dental Boutique & Spa facility to schedule an appointment today! Find out whether veneers or lumineers are best for you and start your smile journey.