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Sugar-Free Gum | Fort Lauderdale, FL | Dr. Patty Dental

Sugar Free Gum

Keep your teeth healthy and strong with sugar free gum

It should be no surprise that chewing gum can do some good for your teeth. “No surprise” because various gum brands have likely advertised to you their whitening prowess, like how they’ll make them white if you chew regularly enough. Something you may not know is that just about any sugar free gum is good for keeping your teeth healthy and strong.

The Early Days

The act of chewing on something the way we chew gum in the 21st century is as old as the ancient Greeks. It usually came from tree sap, and this was something that remained the standard until somewhat recently.

Over nearly two-hundred and fifty or so years ago, a variety of business men decided that chewing gum could be sold to everyone commercially. Not only that, but chewing gum could come in a flavor other than “non-existent,” as well as be made from other substances aside from tree sap. Rubber became a popular source, and these days gum is still made from a variety materials that are almost always known as “gum base.”

Gum Today

These days, chewing gum has more uses that extend beyond mastication. While it’s definitely still sold and used for the purposes of just chewing on something sweet and flavorful, chewing gum has also become a useful tool for keeping your teeth clean. While it won’t replace a toothbrush, nor is it maybe as healthy as a stick of celery, sugar free gum can still fulfill a similar role.

Chewing produces saliva, which in turn allows your mouth to cleanse it of things like food and acidic remains, along with anything else that could possibly do the mouth harm in the long run. In that respect, chewing gum acts as a palette cleanser, cleaning your mouth in a way that can be enjoyable and sweet.

While sugar free gum certainly does help in maintaining a pretty smile, a trip to the dentist all but solidifies it. Keep your teeth shining bright by coming to Dr. Patty’s Dental Boutique and Spa. Call us at 954-914-7407 today to schedule a free consultation with the best cosmetic dentist in Ft. Lauderdale.