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Six Month Smiles | Fort Lauderdale, FL | Dr. Patty Dental

Six Month Smiles

Get the Look You Deserve with Six Month Smiles!

When you think of braces do you imagine metal wiring, uncomfortable mouth feel, and a long term commitment? Well, with Six Month Smiles, you won’t have to.

No metal, no long-term wear. Six Month Smiles are designed to straighten your teeth in as little as six months. Not only that, SMS is made with attractability in mind. Using white and clear wiring, you’ll be able to sport your braces without others even realizing it. You won’t have to fear how you may look with braces on, since with SMS, no one will even notice!


Six Month Smiles was mainly made for the working, busy adults out there who have always wanted to improve their smile, along with teenagers looking for an alternative to traditional braces. SMS’s focus is on the cosmetic side of teeth, which means, above all, making sure the teeth look attractive. It’s for improving and straightening the teeth that people will see, making it a total cosmetic procedure, as opposed to being strictly medical. This is why you have to make sure you’re a candidate for SMS. Visit to find out if you’re a candidate and find a registered provider in your area.


It doesn’t take much for the teeth in your mouth to move, though you may not know it due to what we’ve been taught about braces. Since Six Month Smiles doesn’t use metal wires or force too much pressure on the teeth, it allows for a smoother and more comfortable process. Some can be doubtful of how something like SMS could work, since regular metal braces typically take years.

But SMS really can take as little as six months, due to the materials and procedures involved. When using more common forms of orthodontics, the teeth are more resistant to the metal material, which can result in them moving at a slower pace. SMS, on top of not using metal wires, puts much less pressure on the teeth, resulting in them moving faster and smoother.


One of the biggest advantages to Six Month Smiles is its appearance, which has much to do with the materials used. Since no metal is being used, SMS goes with clear, tooth colored material that is nearly invisible on your teeth. Even when seen up-close, it will be hard to immediately recognize the braces, and this is especially true in photographs. It’s ideal for adults and teenagers who would rather not make it obvious they have braces on.


While Six Month Smiles is ideal for people who want straight teeth in less time, some might be concerned by pricing, thinking it will cost a lot more than regular orthodontic braces. Never fear! Not only does it cost less in the long run, but we have payment plans to ensure that SMS is affordable for all, with prices starting as low as $96 per month.

There’s never been a better time to reshape your teeth and rejuvenate your smile. With Six Month Smiles, you get the look you’ve always deserved.

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