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Bad Breath Cure And Treatment, And Teeth Cleanings –  Fort Lauderdale, FL

Bad Breath Cure And Treatment, And Teeth Cleanings

Bad Breath Cure, Treatment, and General Teeth Cleanings will keep your smile fresh and as sexy as ever


We Offer A Fresher Result To Your Bad Breath

If you have bad breath, you have most likely tried everything to cure it. You may have purchased over-the-counter remedies or perhaps a special mouthwash. You may have tried changing what you eat, keeping a breath mint in your mouth all day long, or even chewing on a new piece of gum constantly. Regardless of your efforts, you still don’t have fresh breath and your confidence is likely dwindling. If this is your situation, then it is time to schedule a visit to Dr. Patty’s Dental Boutique & Spa so that you can find a remedy that will actually work.

Chronic bad breath is an epidemic sweeping the nation that affects millions of adults and children. The medical term for this condition is halitosis. To diagnose this condition, you will need a qualified dentist, as this problem almost always originates in your mouth and your qualified dentist will find the treatment plan that will work best for your situation.

Cure Bad Breath

How can you cure your bad breath? There are two main focal points to curing your condition which include:

  • Getting rid of bacteria causing bad breath
  • Neutralizing the odors that the bacteria produce

By focusing on these two factors along with visiting our cosmetic dentist, you can get rid of your bad breath once and for all.

Bad Breath Cure | Fort Lauderdale, FL | Teeth Cleanings

Cure Halitosis By Getting Rid Of Bacteria

To do this, you will need to start cleaning your mouth as meticulously as possible. The best place to start is with brushing your teeth since bacteria are known to live in the crevices that can be found between each tooth. You will also need to start flossing immediately since your toothbrush will be unable to get the bacteria in hard to reach places. We recommend that our clients invest in a mechanical flosser to help put water underneath the gums. Our favorite is the Sonicare Airflosser!

You may not know this, but the tongue is a great hiding place for bacteria. You can use a couple of different methods to clean your tongue and eliminate these bacteria. First, you can use your toothbrush. Second, you may want to invest in a tongue scraper. It doesn’t matter if it is plastic or metal. Just get what would be most comfortable for you.

By taking the time to clean your mouth thoroughly, this will be the beginning of curing your bad breath since it will get rid of the bacteria as well as eliminate their food supply. The bacteria in your mouth will feed on food particles that are left behind after you eat. If you brush your teeth after every meal and snack, you will leave the bacteria with very little remnants to feed on. This will be a small step towards curing your bad breath, but generally, the biggest step that will be necessary is a visit to your dentist.

Curing Halitosis By Getting Rid Of The Bacteria That Emit Odors

By utilizing odor-neutralizing products prescribed by dentists at Dr. Patty’s Dental Boutique & Spa, your effort to curing your bad breath will go even further. A few products that will help with this will include:

  • Chlorine Dioxide-Kills bacteria and neutralizes the sulfur compounds that cause bad breath.
  • Zinc-Takes volatile sulfur compounds and converts it into non-odorous and non-volatile forms.

You can find these ingredients in many mouthwashes, toothpastes, mints, and even gum. These products can be found over-the-counter, but it’s safest to have a prescription alongside a regimen from our dental boutique.

To schedule a professional examination to learn why you have halitosis and to find out more about procedures that we offer, or to schedule a complimentary consultation, please contact Dr. Patty’s Dental Boutique & Spa today.

Professional Teeth Cleaning For Your Bad Breath

By getting a professional cleaning at our dental boutique and spa in Fort Lauderdale, it will help get your teeth as clean as possible. If you have tartar buildup, it may make it impossible to get your mouth completely clean while brushing and flossing at home. By having our dentists remove this tartar professionally, it will assist you in your daily cleaning efforts at home.

Our cosmetic dentists can prescribe you prescription-strength toothpastes and mouthwash if this is needed. We do recommend the use of a Sonicare toothbrush to further enhance your teeth cleaning efforts in between dental visits.

Examination Or Consultation

A consultation with our cosmetic dentist is what is needed first to help diagnose what type of cleaning you need. We will request X-rays depending on how long it has been since your last cleaning or X-rays. If we discover any issues during your examination, our dentist will advise you on the best treatment options and we will also offer recommendations on how you can prevent future oral issues from arising.

Reasons For Cleanings At A Dentist’s Office

A professional cleaning at a dental office will be more intense and thorough than what you can do on your own, at home with flossing and brushing. There are a few reasons that cleanings are different at our dental boutique, compared to the cleaning that you are doing at home. Professional cleanings are great for the following reasons:

  • Our cosmetic dentists can clean areas of your mouth that you cannot reach with flossing and brushing. These places can be found in areas slightly underneath your gum line and on the backs of your rear teeth. In these areas, tartar and plaque tend to build up and can cause problems in the future.
  • The cleanings that you will receive during your visit will be deeper and more intense. These cleanings will help eliminate any bacterial infections that may be occurring between your gums and teeth.

Importance Of Teeth Cleanings

Getting your teeth professionally cleaned is part of taking care of your physical appearance and your health. Healthy, strong teeth are a sign of good overall health and can improve your self-esteem. Our cleanings can also do the following:

  • Find and treat oral problems before they cause painful or serious problems including:
    • Cavities
    • Tooth decay
    • Broken teeth
  • Improve halitosis
  • Catch oral cancer in early stages
  • Watch for signs of periodontal disease
  • Help your teeth look healthy and clean

How Are Teeth Cleanings, Also Known As Prophy, Completed?

On average, a professionally cleaning may take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. Your teeth cleaning will typically not be performed by your dentist but instead by a trained dental hygienist. Your cosmetic dentist will meet with your after your cleaning for either a consultation or for an oral exam. Our clients report that our cleanings are not painful and they do not cause any discomfort. The two main steps of our teeth cleaning process include:

  • Scaling your teeth-plaque and tartar will be removed from the surface of your tooth by scraping it. We will also clean the pockets of your gum to remove buildup of this tartar and plaque.
  • Polishing and buffing your teeth-By doing this, any tartar or plaque that is left over will be removed.

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Types Of Teeth Cleanings

Just because you have halitosis doesn’t determine what type of cleaning you need. The following are different types of professional cleanings that your cosmetic dentist may suggest:

  • A prophylaxis-This is a basic tooth cleaning that removes tartar and plaque from your teeth and gum line
  • Full Mouth Debridement-This cleaning will remove build up of tartar and plaque from your teeth that can lead to gingivitis.
  • Scaling and Root Planning-This cleaning includes treatment below and above your gum line and will remove plaque and tartar, smooth the surface of your exposed root and will involve the use of fluoride.
LAPIP™ | Laser Peri-Implantitis Treatment | Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Post-cleaning Examination Or Consultation

Your professional cleaning will typically be followed by a consultation with our cosmetic dentists. We may request X-rays depending on how long it has been since your last cleaning and the current condition of your teeth. If we discover any issues during your cleaning, our dentists will advise you on the best treatment options and will also offer recommendations on how you can prevent future oral issues from arising.

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