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Gum Recession Treatment –  Fort Lauderdale, FL

Gum Recession Treatment

Finally Ready To Treat Your Receding Gums, Stop Further Damage and Improve Your Smile?


Gum Rejuvenation With The Chao Pinhole® Technique

Are you embarrassed to smile because of small teeth and too much gum? Dr. Patty’s Dental Boutique & Spa can change all of that with Gum Rejuvenation. We have had incredible success by using the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique (PST®) to rebuild gingival tissue. Unlike gum surgery, with this technique you will experience:

  • Minimal downtime
  • No grafting site
  • No sutures

The team at Dr. Patty’s Dental Boutique & Spa has been personally trained by Dr. Chao and is certified to perform PST® in order to help you get the smile that you have always wanted.

Gum Recession

When the gingival tissue has retreated from the base of your tooth, it is known as gum recession. In some situations, gum recession can lead to the root of the tooth becoming partially exposed. There are a variety of reasons that gum recession happens including:

  • Gingivitis
  • Gum disease
  • Rapid orthodontic shifting of teeth
  • Teeth clenching
  • Grinding of teeth
  • Harsh tooth brushing habits
  • Use of tobacco
  • Aging


Gum Recession Treatment - Chao Pinhole Surgery - Gum Disease

Problems With Gum Recession

When your gums are healthy and properly positioned, your teeth are protected from:

  • Bacteria
  • Decay
  • Plaque

When you experience gum recession and your tooth root is revealed, it can lead to the following issues:

  • Discomfort
  • Sensitivity
  • Expose discoloration
  • Endanger your oral health

Why Choose The Chao Pinhole® Technique For Your Treatment?

Previously, surgical grafts with soft tissue were the only way that receding gums could be treated in which this grafting procedure sutured either the patient’s soft tissue or donor tissue into position to rebuild the gum line and prevent further problems with your oral health. On the other hand, by utilizing the Chao Pinhole® Technique, clients can choose to rejuvenate their gums with a minimally invasive option which avoids the need for sutures, incisions, or an extended recovery period. In fact, clients that have undergone the PST® have reported that they have experienced minimal pain and have been able to enjoy a smooth recovery period.

How Is This Procedure Performed?

The Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique is a series of small adjustments made to the gum tissue. These modifications will result in significant improvement in the health and appearance of the gum line. During PST®, the team at Dr. Patty’s Dental Boutique & Spa will use a needle to make a tiny hole in the gum tissue that is affected. Through the small pinhole created, we will use a specialized instrument that was designed by Dr. Chao. This tool will gently:

  • Loosen
  • Expand
  • Lift the section of tissue

These steps are completed so that the tissue can be moved to a more elevated position and cover the tooth root that has been exposed. Tiny collagen strips will be placed during this process to stabilize your gums. No sutures are required to hold the gum line in its new position. The pinhole heals quickly – often overnight – and you will be able to get on with your social life, work, and family in no time at all!

Benefits Of Chao Pinhole® Treatment

PST® offers many advantages to clients over the traditional technique using soft tissue grafts. These benefits include the following:

  • No sutures required
  • Minimal post-surgical discomfort
  • Fast recovery
  • Eliminates the need for donor tissue required from the patient’s soft palate
  • No cutting or invasive surgical techniques

Chao Pinhole® Surgical Treatment will allow you to have natural-looking, long-lasting results that can be achieved with the traditional techniques for treating gum recession without any of the negatives!

PST® Or Other Options

While you may not have gum disease, having a gummy smile can be just as damaging to your self-confidence. At Dr. Patty’s Dental Boutique & Spa, we can eliminate your gummy smile by using the PST® or other procedures to help you get the smile that you have always wanted. We will evaluate your gums and teeth and then decide which treatment option is best for you. If you think that you have too much gum showing and would like to rejuvenate your smile, we can help!

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Gummy Smile And Botox® Options

A beautiful smile showcases most of the 8-10 upper teeth with almost no gum above the two front teeth. It is considered “gummy” if a significant amount of gingival tissue can be seen.

A gummy smile is widely considered a normal variation of human anatomy, though many people are very self-conscious about it. Fortunately, these smiles can be enhanced with simple procedures such as BOTOX® or PST®. Our dentist can safely modify the position and shape of the gum so that more natural enamel is visible. If you If you would like to find out if PST® is the right option for restoring your gum line, please contact our boutique today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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You can find out more about gum rejuvenation with the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique by contacting us today to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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Why Gum Recession Should Not Be Ignored:

Gum recession exposes more of one or more teeth when the gum itself wears away. As this occurs, gaps tend to be created between the teeth and gum line making it easier for disease-causing bacteria to damage more gums, your teeth and even their supporting bones. Eventually teeth can be lost.

Since receding gums occur gradually many of us don’t realize the problem until you notice your teeth getting more sensitive and one or more teeth look longer than normal.

Gum recession tends to only get worse over time and should not be ignored. If you think your gums are receding, call or complete the form on this page to schedule an appointment at our Fort Lauderdale / East Broward dental boutique. If warranted, we can use the latest, least invasive technique available, the Chao Pinhole Surgical Rejuvenation Technique to rejuvenate your gums, prevent further damage and enhance your smile.

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