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Is Your Lose-Weight-Fast Diet Aging You?

This time of year in South Florida is all about the festivities. Between the galas, parties, Winter Boat Parade and holiday celebrations, there is bound to be some over indulgence.

If you are like a lot people, the quick fix to shed those few extra pounds in a short period of time, is a super low calorie diet, or worse, not eating at all.

While all that dieting may help you look great in that slinky dress, it might not be doing great things for your complexion.

In fact, not getting enough of the recommended daily allowance of nutrients can actually make your skin look older. Signs your diet is hurting your complexion include dryness, acne, eczema and redness.

Simple Strategies to Keep You Looking Great Inside and Out

Older-looking skin from crash diets is not going to happen overnight, but starve your skin long enough, and it’s going to show. A few tweaks to your dieting habits can go a long way to keeping your skin youthful and your body healthy.

Low calorie processed foods: Sure they may be quick to eat, but they wreak havoc in your skin’s collagen, which is needed to keep your skin taunt and resistant to wrinkles.

Foods that are healthy for skin:
  1. Vitamin A is great for skin. You can get vitamin A by eating low-fat dairy products.
  2.  Antioxidants help support healthy skin and are tied to anti-aging. You can find antioxidants in blackberries, blueberries and strawberries.
  3. Essential fatty acids (omega 3 and omega 6) are great for healthy cell membranes, which are responsible for helping your cells hold moisture, giving your skin a plumper, youthful look. Sources include salmon, walnuts, flax seed, spinach and kale.

Do more than manage your stress, reduce it. Your high tolerance for stress is doing more harm to your body than good, not to mention adding years to your face.

Stress relieving activities that can improve your skin and help reduce eczema, rosacea and acne:
  1. Yoga
  2. Meditation
  3. Mindfulness exercises such as visualization and deep breathing
  4. Regular exercise

Treat your skin with care. Facials are a great way to improve your skins appearance while simultaneously addressing skin problems. Match the key treatment ingredients to your skin needs and you’ll not only leave feeling great, your skin will reap the benefits too.

Facial treatments and peels can address problem skin types including acne, aging, pigmentation and sullen skin. Noticeable benefits can include:
  1. Thoroughly cleansed skin
  2. Removal of blackheads
  3. Improve skin tone
  4. Reduced wrinkles
  5. Faded brown discolorations

Give your skin the care it needs on a regular bases and it will reward you with the production of healthy new skin cells to keep you looking and feeling great.

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Keep Your Teeth Healthy
Just two minutes of teeth cleaning twice a day, flossing and mouth-washing every day, supported with regular trips to the dentist and hygienist will help keep your teeth fit for a lifetime.

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