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Lip Fillers in Fort Lauderdale | Dr. Patty Dental Boutique

Lip Fillers: Pros and Cons

If you have always dreamt of having full, plump, and luscious lips you may be wondering if lip fillers are right for you. There are many factors that you will want to consider along with a variety of products to choose from depending on your goal.


A couple of years ago, the #KylieJennerChallenge swept social media and ended in disastrous results. By the end of the challenge, people had hurt themselves by trying to mimic the incredibly perfect pout that Kylie had. Finally, she admitted that she used more than shot glasses and lip liner to achieve her incredible lips. Kylie stated that she relied on lip fillers to plump her lips since she felt insecure without them. With that being said, any person who wants perfect lips can get them at our dental boutique and spa!


Lip Fillers FloridaIf you want to learn more about temporary lip fillers or are interested in plumping your lips, we can help. Avoid using shot glasses or any other DIY method you may have seen floating around the internet. Instead, let us help you learn more about cosmetic options that can increase the volume of your lips for months. Together, we can help you choose the lip treatment that is best for you, the one that you will be most comfortable with, and will give you the results that you desire.


What are Lip Fillers?

A cosmetic procedure that is completed by injecting fillers into your lips, or in the skin around the lips to ease wrinkles, is known as lip fillers or lip injections. These are one of the cosmetic procedures that you can choose to improve your physical appearance along with BOTOX® and other facial fillers available.


Why Get Lip Injections?

There are multiple reasons that you may be interested in getting lip fillers such as:

  • Yearning to have fuller lips
  • Being self-conscious about lines around your mouth

As you age, your lines may become a nuisance as they become more prominent. With lip injections, it can fill these lines in and give your lips a fuller, more satisfying appearance.


Benefits of Lip Injections

Lip FillersAfter you receive your lip injection, the wrinkles round your lips will fade away, and your lips will appear more full. However, there are also other benefits that you will get to take advantage of. When it comes to choosing the filler that you want, you will be able to choose from multiple options and types available. This way, you will be able to-

  • Reach your goals
  • Have less downtime
  • Experience less bruising

Another benefit of lip injections is that they will cost less than lip implants and are not as permanent. Next, you will be able to get this procedure completed right in our dental boutique and spa which means that you can come in during your lunch break, right after work, or any other free moment that you find. You will have succulent lips that mimic implants without ever having to step foot in a hospital.


Pros of Lip Fillers

Restylane and Juvederm are two of the most popular lip fillers available on the market. These use hyaluronic acid which is a substance that is already found within your body. These fillers can help you achieve the luscious lips that you have always dreamt of having. Below we will list some pros of lip injections. By clicking here you can learn more about the benefits of Juvederm lip fillers.


Treatment can be Gradual

If you want to achieve the perfect lips without taking it too far, you can schedule a few appointments to spread out your treatment. This will allow you to have a more gradual effect. Unlike having implants placed, our lip fillers will allow the freedom to experiment and have time in between visits so that you can get used to your new, sexy look.


Look Natural

You can achieve a more natural look if you don’t want your new lips to be a huge upgrade or outwardly noticeable. With a majority of the hyaluronic acid fillers available, after one or two syringes, you will be able to achieve visible results. At our dental boutique and spa in Fort Lauderdale, you will have control over the end result since you will get to decide the final volume that will be added to your lips.


Long-Lasting, Temporary Results

The biggest advantage of lip fillers is that while they offer you a solution that can last for months, it is not permanent. Depending on the number of syringes that are used for your treatment, you may be able to expect your results to last for around six months. On the other hand, if you choose collagen fillers, the results may last up to a year. We will be able to discuss the longevity of available fillers during your complimentary consultation.


Minimally Invasive Option

While there are multiple cosmetic procedures that can magically transform your lips such as fat injections and implants, by choosing lip fillers you are less likely to experience side effects.


Cons of Lip Fillers

While there are many pros, as with any medical procedure, there are a couple of cons that you may want to be aware of. Extra volume, shape, and structure to your lips sounds like a dream come true (and it generally is) but lip fillers still have side-effects. These side effects include:

  • Swelling-This is the most common and can last for as little as a couple hours up, to ten days in rare occurrences.
  • Irregularities and Scarring-These are rare but possible and in some cases can lead to lip asymmetry that will last until the effects of the filler wears off.
  • Bleeding-This occurs around the injection site and is temporary
  • Allergic Reactions-Allergy tests are performed to avoid this but sometimes may still occur
  • Infections-This risk is extremely low but can increase with certain medical conditions

You can avoid these side effects by scheduling your injections at least a week apart and making sure that you discuss all of your medical conditions with us during your visit.


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Our team can help you achieve the plump lips that you have always desired. If you want to learn more about our lip fillers or any other cosmetic procedures that we offer, schedule your complimentary consultation today!