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Is Seltzer Water Bad for Your Teeth? - Dr. Patty Dental

Is Seltzer Water Bad for Your Teeth?

You have probably heard or read that drinking soda or sugary drinks can damage your teeth. Diet soda is included in the list because they contain artificial sweeteners that can negatively impact your teeth. You have most likely lost count of how many times it has been drilled in your head to avoid these types of drinks. To be “more healthy”, many people have turned to drinking flavored seltzer water. This beverage has become quite popular in more recent years and this drink is dominating the shelves at grocery stores nationwide and definitely throughout Fort Lauderdale and the South Florida area. However, is seltzer water truly better for your teeth?

Seltzer Water and Carbonic Acid

Whether you crack open a can of pre-made seltzer water or make it at home, you hear and see those vibrant, lively bubbles. The refreshing and effervescent nature of carbonated water is typically why people choose this beverage.

The fizziness that you have in your drink is caused by pressurized carbon dioxide being added to the water. If you decide to make this drink at home, you probably already know that you have to buy CO2 bottles in order to create the carbonation for your own seltzer water.

Carbonic acid is left when carbon dioxide gets added to the water. This acid is weaker than other acids. However, exposure to high levels of this acid overtime can erode the enamel and calcium in your teeth which can leave behind a painful cavity.

pH Balance and Seltzer Water

In water, the higher the pH balance is, the less acid you will find in it. Typically, water that has a lot of gas added will have a lower pH balance which means that it can contain acid that can potentially be problematic.

You can figure out the pH level of your seltzer water by purchasing a simple pH testing kit which can be found online and isn’t extremely costly.

With seltzer water that you purchase at the store, you may be able to find information on pH levels from the manufacturer. However, this information isn’t always easy to get. Tap water usually has a pH between 6.5 and 9.5, which is a great average to keep in mind when testing your seltzer water. To find out more about how pH levels can lead to tooth decay, click here.

Isn’t all Seltzer Water the Same?

Many people think that carbonated water and seltzer water are exactly the same but in reality it depends on the ingredients found in each. In fact, certain carbonated waters have a higher pH balance and can cause an increased risk to the health of your teeth. Of course, there are carbonated mineral waters that contain calcium that can actually benefit your teeth.

Your teeth and carbonated waterYou will want to avoid additives in your carbonated water such as:

  • Sugar
  • Lemon juice
  • Lime juice

Does Sparkling Water Erode Teeth?

While sparkling water can be a healthy alternative to other beverages such as soda. However, there are certain sparkling waters that can cause dental erosion. It is important that you know which ones to avoid. Some sparkling water can contain sugar which can be linked to:

  • Diabetes
  • Depression
  • Obesity
  • Tooth Decay

The best beverage for your body and teeth is plain water. Bottled water has a pH of 7. Sparkling water has a pH of 5.5 due to the weaker carbonic acid it is created with. However, some sparkling waters contain citric acids and sugars which make them harmful and not healthy for your teeth. At the end of the day, sparkling water is less damaging than soda (regular or diet) is to your teeth.

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Is Seltzer Water Bad for Your Teeth?Plain seltzer water is generally harmless, especially for people who visit their dentist regularly and has implemented a good oral hygiene routine in place at home. Seltzer water shouldn’t replace tap (or bottled) water but it can be a safe part of your daily meals. You will want to drink it in moderation as with anything except water in order to keep your teeth healthy. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a complimentary consultation for one of our cosmetic dentistry procedures, give us a call today!