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Healthy Foods for Healthy Teeth | Fort Lauderdale, FL | Dr. Patty

Healthy Foods for Teeth

learn which healthy foods are best for healthy teeth

Most food out there doesn’t take your teeth’s health into account, whether it’s a sweet dessert or a meaty sandwich. Luckily, as long as you have healthy foods for healthy teeth, you don’t have to hit the toothpaste right after lunch.


The key word here is “saliva.” When biting into an apple, your mouth will be producing a decent amount of saliva, which acts as a natural cleansing to your teeth. Not only that, but the apple itself, inside and out, is able to clean your teeth with a mixture of sweet and acidic sensation. Apples also contain plenty of water, though it would also help to rinse your mouth out with water once you’re done eating your apple to ensure your teeth don’t leave any sugar or acidic residue. It also wouldn’t hurt to eat apples with other foods, such as bread, to lessen the acids.


Anyone will tell you that eating carrots is a healthy thing to do. Not only that, but raw carrots, whether big or small, are a great way to keep your teeth clean, since they contain fiber and Vitamin A. Carrots share much in common with apples, in that chewing them produces saliva that will clean your teeth and gums. Not only that, but carrots and apples make great salad toppings.


The healthiest part of a Bloody Mary, celery is a pretty famous vegetable. While it may not be as attractive as some others, it’s extremely healthy and works on your teeth like few other foods do, and contains Vitamin A and C. Just like apples, celery has water packed in that helps rinse and bathe your mouth, while the celery itself rubs against the teeth and gums.


Beloved by so many, cheese is likely not a food that you think of when it comes to “healthy for your teeth.” Healthy, sure, but it turns out cheese is also helpful with raising the pH in your mouth, which gives way to cleansing saliva, and less tooth decay or cavities. And don’t forget: cheese has calcium and protein!


Yogurt shares some similarities with cheese, being a favorite food of many, as well as both being dairy products. But of course, yogurt is also good for not just your teeth, but your gums, too, making it a great food for your mouth overall. Aside from guarding your gums and keeping your bones strong, yogurt also keeps your breath fresh and makes your mouth less susceptible to bacteria by keeping your mouth’s pH levels in check. By the way, it’s recommended you eat sugar free plain yogurt, of the Greek variety if possible. Some fruit doesn’t hurt, either.

It can be a pleasant surprise to know such delicious and versatile foods can keep your teeth and mouth healthy. Whether it’s a dairy product, or a reliable vegetable, know that there’s no shortage of healthy foods out there to keep you smiling bright.

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