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Chef Santana | Dr. Patty Dental Boutique | Fort Lauderdale, FL

Gluten-Free Staff Meals at Dr Patty’s

santana greenbeansIn effort to encourage healthy eating and to stay in fit, we are proving gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly lunch meals to our staff daily.

The meals are composed of fresh organic produce, legumes, seasoned salads and gluten-free soups.

Thanks to our private Chef Santana from Santana Wellness, our goal to promote a healthy lifestyle is working mighty well and everyone seems to love the cuisine.

Some staff members are drinking more water, less coffee and exercising more often. Our compliments to the chef, keep up the great work!

A little bit about Chef Angelique Santana…

photo 2A.k.a. Chef Santana, makes healthy eating simple and delicious! Chef Santana is an expert when it comes to living well and she brings her expertise right to your kitchen – transforming every meal into a healthy eating solution.

Santana has always had an insatiable appetite for gourmet cooking. As a young person, she dazzled her friends and family in her home state of New Jersey with decadent meals made from scratch, successfully taking inspiration from the dishes served at her favorite local restaurants. She embraced cooking as her solace from daily pressures, an escape, as well as a hobby.

Although cooking remained her favorite past-time, Santana began her career managing some of the nation’s top fitness clubs, evolving her zeal for health and wellness.

Contact Chef Santana to learn more about how she can transform your kitchen, your diet and your life for happier, healthier living. Visit

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