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GLO: Home Teeth Whitening

For a better and hands-free way to whiten your teeth, look no further than GLO. Using a unique combination of heat and light, GLO is able to make and keep your teeth as white as ever. Featuring no sensitivity, it’s easy to handle and lights up when in use, making it manageable to whiten your teeth during the day, no matter what you have going on. Just 32 minutes a day is all it takes to get your teeth looking brighter.

GLO comes in a compact storage case, containing all you need for your whitening, including a lanyard, whitening vials, and power adapter.

It’s extremely easy to use. First, make sure your GLO Control is fully charged before using, and place it around your neck using the lanyard. Apply GLO Lip Care to the tops and bottoms of your lips, and then apply the G-Vial on the front of the teeth. Press the GLO button on the Control (so that it lights blue), relax your jaw, and place the mouthpiece in your mouth.

From here you start the eight minute routine of letting GLO do its thing. The Control will automatically turn off once the eight minutes are up; rinse the mouthpiece in warm water and then repeat the process three more times, for a total of four eight-minute applications. For best results, make sure you use GLO for about five days in a row.