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Dr. Patty joins Tony Robbins Platinum Family

Dr. Patty took her first trip with Anthony Robbins partnership family this past month on a high-speed, exclusive adventure, at the French Riviera – Côte d’Azur.

From the sun-soaked shores of Cannes to the unrivaled opulence and eternal entertainment of Monaco, Dr Patty and members were able to experience the jewels of Côte d’Azur first-class style. The escapade included driving world’s most magnificent driving machines along the coast of the Mediterranean, a helicopter tour over the picturesque cliffs and glitter and glam with the Platinum family.

The Anthony Robbins Platinum Partnership is an exclusive program limited to one hundred and fifty serious players worldwide. The elite members of the Partnership enjoy an unprecedented opportunity to be personally coached by Anthony Robbins, and meet with master teachers from around the world, while traveling to some of the most spectacular destinations on earth.