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Wisdom Teeth: Do You Need Them Removed? Fort Lauderdale, FL

Dental Implants can Change Your Life

Dental Filling in Fort LauderdaleIf you have a missing tooth, it can be a major cosmetic concern and ruin your self-esteem. Most patients that are missing teeth are primarily focused on replacing them and they don’t realize that there are both cosmetic and health benefits to fixing the gap caused by missing teeth as well. A dental implant is a tooth replacement option that can prevent an infection from developing as well as preventing the growth of harmful bacteria, further bone loss, and upper teeth from erupting down into the missing space. In addition to that, replacing your missing tooth (or teeth) can stop bordering teeth from moving and it can restore your ability to speak and chew.

Tooth Replacements can Restore Your Smile

The most convenient, comfortable, and secure tooth replacement that is available is a dental implant. Your implant will be created so that it can mimic the function of a natural tooth. A titanium post will serve as your new root and a custom-made crown will blend in seamlessly with your smile. The end result of your dental implant is a brand new tooth that will function and look just like a natural tooth. Even better, your new “tooth” will not require any further maintenance, adhesives, or pastes. Over time, your jaw bone will fuse to the titanium post and your implant will become an everlasting part of your mouth which will help you forget that you ever had a missing tooth in the first place.

When to Consider Dental Implants

If you want the gold standard for replacing a missing tooth. Your implant will be able to offer you natural-looking results, unparalleled stability, and no need for any extra maintenance. With these benefits, getting an implant can be an ideal solution for fixing a gap in your smile.

You can get a dental implant to-

  • Replace a single tooth
  • Replace multiple teeth

Anchor a bridge or denture to create a more secure fit

If you want to upgrade your denture or traditional bridge or even replace your missing tooth (or teeth), our dental implants may be the right option for you.

Candidates for Dental Implants

During your initial visit at Dr. Patty’s Dental Boutique and Spa, you will get an oral exam and have X-rays taken. This will help us determine the health of your gums and teeth along with your eligibility for this procedure. An ideal candidate for dental implants will have-

  • Good oral health
  • Healthy gum tissue
  • No medical conditions that may delay healing and recovery
  • Fully developed jaw
  • Sufficient jaw bone density

Sometimes, a bone graft may be suggested to strengthen your jawbone if that is the only factor holding you back from having a naturally radiant smile.


When you have missing teeth, it can be embarrassing and you want them fixed no matter what the expense will be. Getting a dental implant can provide you with a functioning and natural-looking solution to your problem. There are various advantages to getting an implant but you may be a little wary of the price that you will pay for a beautiful smile.

You will need to keep in mind that there is not one set price for this surgical procedure and the price will depend on various factors such as:

  • Number of implants needed
  • X-rays and other images needed to create personalized treatment plan
  • Location that implants will be
  • Experience and skill of your dentist
  • Quality of materials used for your crown
  • Geographic location of office

After your consult, we will be able to provide you with an accurate quote for your tailor-made dental experience. We accept cash, credit card, a variety of insurance plans to help offset costs, and a majority of our clients use a 3rd party financing company such as Care Credit.

Advantages of Dental Implants

At Dr. Patty’s Dental Boutique and Spa, we perform a variety of cosmetic, restorative, and general dental procedures such as dental implants. For this surgery, we provide both the restoration and implant placement. These implants are highly beneficial for many reasons. Your dental implant will replace your entire tooth along with the root. Therefore, you will benefit from the following:

  • Permanent solution to missing tooth
  • Improvement in eating and talking
  • Functions and looks like a real tooth
  • Does not affect surrounding teeth
  • Easy to maintain

Depending on your needs and goals, our cosmetic dentist may recommend a single tooth implant or she may suggest an implant supported denture. Dr. Patty will plan all aspects of your implant process which will offer you a more efficient procedure. If you are in need of a tooth (or teeth) replacement, schedule a consult at Dr. Patty’s Dental Boutique and Spa to learn about your options (such as a dental implant) or to see which option will the best solution for your specific goals.

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