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Are You Looking For Invisalign Near You In Fort Lauderdale, FL?

Are You Looking For Invisalign Near You In Fort Lauderdale, FL?

It would be amazing if everyone had the advantages that can come with natural teeth: A confident smile, teeth that are easy to clean, and no discomfort or crowding. Unfortunately, many people experience less-than-perfect smiles when their permanent teeth begin to erupt. The good news is that cosmetic dentistry options like Invisalign® in Fort Lauderdale, FL, can help patients achieve the appearance they dream about.

Why All the Excitement and Fuss About Invisalign?

By now, many people have probably heard about the Invisalign treatment for straightening teeth. Invisalign has been available for more than 20 years and is the most complete, trusted, and private way to move patients’ teeth to more appropriate positions.

What makes Invisalign so unique? The Invisalign system lets patients bypass the need for brackets and wires. Instead, a patient can rely on clear aligner trays to securely shift the teeth and better align the bite.

Typically, Invisalign costs only a little more than more traditional bracket-style braces. Plus, Invisalign lets patients gain access to their teeth and gums whenever they want, giving them the freedom to eat all the foods they like and continue with an at-home brushing and flossing schedule. It truly is the right solution for many teens and adults interested in orthodontics beyond classic braces.

Why Trust a Dental Boutique for Getting Invisalign® In Fort Lauderdale, FL?

Many places say that they offer Invisalign. However, patients should always make sure that they are working with someone who has years of experience with Invisalign treatment. Experience makes all the difference, especially for patient-centered care!

Only a dental boutique featuring dentists with extensive Invisalign expertise can ensure that a patients wellness and preferred outcome will be taken into consideration every step of the way. Remember that five-star treatment from a dental boutique extends to every treatment chosen, including a cosmetic service like Invisalign.

Final Thoughts on Invisalign® Treatment

Even if you have been told by other dentists that Invisalign® may not be right for your teeth, we invite you to visit our friendly, luxurious environment that focuses on pampering, comfort, and relaxation.

In addition to Invisalign, we offer other methods to correct your teeth and misaligned bites. Dr. Patterson and our whole team would be happy to walk you through all the options you have!

Interested in other cosmetic dentistry treatments like teeth whitening or gum reshaping? We can introduce you to a host of aesthetic dental possibilities to complement your new, straighter smile!

So why wait to get a straight, gleaming smile in as little time as possible? Contact Dr. April Patterson in her Dr. Patty’s Dental Boutique & Spa office to schedule an appointment today!